I made this quilt out of a variety of fall colored prints and solids, including several of my favorite Heather Ross prints. I really love the addition of the pale pink prints -the tadpoles on the blush background, as well as a japanese stripe that matches quite perfectly.

And doesn’t it look great in this fall scene? All we need is a few apples, some cider and maybe a pumpkin or two to really complete the look!


The back uses this lovely solid (how many times have I mentioned this color in the last few posts?!) I added in a few larger blocks along the top and bottom edge, and then a few of the smaller blocks near the center.


I stippled this one and then bound it in a nice medium brown solid.


Final measurement about 36″ x 45″….    

**This is from I think this is so pretty, simple, and with no borders. Looks perfect for just covering up with and taking a nap!